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Melanie Cambridge

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Artist Oils

Melanie Cambridge® Artist Oils


Melanie Cambridge® Artist Oils are artist quality oil colours formulated to my own specifications to create a range of pure colours using the finest pigments at an affordable price. See the Full Range

Produced in the UK by a bespoke colour manufacturer, with over 40 years of experience.  All colours have been formulated to be soft under the brush and palette knife and developed to be touch-dry within 48 hours.  Each colour is passed over a traditional triple roll mill to guarantee the purest colours are achieved.  All colours are fully lightfast. Every batch of colour is personally inspected by me prior to filling into tubes. This ensures all colours are of top quality and that each batch is consistent with the last.

What other professionals say about Melanie Cambridge® Artist Oils

Margie Haslewood - Figurative Artist: www.joyfactory.co.za
I have been painting for 10 years and have always thought that the best paint would be "well known" brands. I have often been disappointed by some paints being buttery inside the tube and oily at the cap end (separation). Another issue is the lack of pigment and chalkiness of some brands." I bought Indian Yellow and Venetian Red from Melanie on a whim and I am now hooked on this brand of paint. Her alkyd medium is also a great addition to your paintbox. 

Hannah Bruce - www.hannahbruce.co.uk
Godrevy Beach, Hale, Cornwall by Hannah Bruce. Painted using your Raw umber, Samphire green, Naples Yellow, Titanium White and Sevres Blue. Awesome!

Amanda Jackson – Figurative Artistwww.amandajackson.co.uk
I am really impressed with the quality and feel of your Naples Yellow, the opacity is stunning.  I’d like to try some other colours. Samphire Green intrigues me and looks like a wonderful foil to the heat of flesh tones.

Paolo Francis – Gallery owner and Art Tutor: - www.paolofrancis.co.uk
I love the buttery texture of these paints and the way they can easily be used to build up layers, given their quick drying time.  I encourage my students to try them as well being happy to sell them in the Gallery. 

Robert Brindley RMSA:www.robertbrindley.com
Loved your Sevres Blue when I tried it out.





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